Safe and Affordable Wooden Playhouse Structures with Free Delivery and Installation

Has your child been bugging you to build a tree house, but you do not have the time or even trees? Look no further than McWilliams Buildings and Construction in Elkins, WV to create your child’s dream playhouse for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Your child will never want to come inside when they have their own playhouse to be entertained in for hours and hours of fun. Instead of asking to always go to the neighbor’s house to play, you will be able to watch your child play in their own yard where you can know they are safe.

Playhouses are a fabulous way to encourage creative play through imagination and role-playing, not to mention encouraging responsibility. A playhouse makes a perfect gift for any occasion and is ideal for a son or daughter, grandchild, or godchild that will last for many generations at an affordable price. Our playhouses also make a wonderful addition to any neighborhood playground, daycare or preschool where they can be enjoyed by many. When you purchase a playhouse from McWilliams Buildings and Construction, you are ordering a structure that will add many happy memories to your family.

Our premium selection of wood playhouses will get your child away from the television and into the fresh air. Store indoor toys in the playhouse without fear of them becoming grimy or mildewed thanks to our top-rate wood choice and construction materials. The McWilliams’ playhouse offers a six by eight-foot interior with a 10-foot covered play area. Come visit McWilliams Buildings and Construction to try out our playhouses and see the available options that we offer.




Deluxe Playhouse –
Covered and Floored screened in play area

6 X 8 with 10′ covered play area


Covered Playhouse –
Covered screened in play area

6 X 8 with 10′ covered play area



Window (2′ x 3′)


Window (3′ x 3′)


House Style Doors, With Window


Garage Door