Metal Roofs in West Virginia

McWilliams Buildings & Construction

At McWilliams Buildings & Construction, we proudly offer metal roofs as the standard preferred option for all of our structures. Metal is solid, strong, and attractive. Our metal roofs are built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. They effectively shed water and snow, resist wind, and are impervious to mildew, rot, fire, and insect damage. Their reflective surface deflects solar radiation and provides you with secure comfort year-round. All of our metal roofing includes a 40-year heat-pressed warranty for your peace of mind.

Colors of Heavy-duty Metal Roofing With Seven-layer Protection

Our metal roofing is premium grade steel with seven layers of protection. The underside is coated with a proprietary galvanic coating, which is then pre-treated with another protective layer and completed with a durable backer coating. The exposed side includes a galvanic coating, pre-treatment, heavy-duty primer and a durable hard topcoat in your choice of 18 beautiful color options to accentuate and enhance your building. Express yourself with our nature-based color palette.

The samples below may vary slightly based on your screen settings. We encourage you to visit us to view actual metal samples to confirm that your choice matches your preferences prior to placing your order.

McWilliams Buildings & Construction Color Options

McWilliams Buildings & Construction’s team of local craftsmen skillfully applies your metal roof to enable you to enjoy many years of beauty and structural protection. Add value and preserve your property with one of the best investments – a metal roof for your building! At McWilliams Buildings & Construction, we believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service are our driving forces. To order, contact us directly at: (304) 636-1369.