Sturdy and Durable Dog Kennels with Free Delivery and Installation

Your dog is more than just a pet; he is a member of your family. Being out in the cold and rain just will not do, so see how McWilliams Buildings and Construction of Elkins WV far surpasses our competitors for satisfaction guaranteed service and construction on one of our prebuilt dog kennels. Each kennel is six feet by eight feet and includes a 10-foot run. You can purchase the run with or without a metal roof in one of our many roof colors. A roof on your run will protect your pet from intense sun and heat, as well as harsh weather conditions. The housing structure comes with single-pane windows to let in light and offer ventilation and a door for easy access to feed and water your furry friend. The flooring is crafted from ¾ inch pressure-treated plywood that will stand up to the elements.

A galvanized wire door also leads into the dog run. Both doors lock to keep your cuddly canine safe from predators. The run is made of galvanized wire and will not rust, become brittle and break or be able to be chewed through. Wood is the best insulator for keeping out cold winds and maintaining a comfortable temperature for your dog.

Our kennels come in a multitude of roofing colors to accent your home and can be customized upon request to make your kennel one of a kind. Your dog will be comfortable and secure in a McWilliams kennel. Our kennels can be delivered for free all over West Virginia. Call or visit a McWilliams Buildings and Construction display to learn more about our kennels and the options McWilliams provides to please you and your pooch.




Deluxe Kennel –
includes floor and roof in run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run


Covered Kennel –
includes roof over run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run


Standard Kennel –
uncovered run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run



Window (2′ x 3′)


Window (3′ x 3′)


House Style Doors, With Window


Garage Door