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Hunt in Comfort Year-round

Hunting Blinds at McWilliams Buildings in West Virginia

Hunt in comfort from your own hunting blind built by McWilliams Buildings & Construction. Stay warm and dry while completely shielded from the harshest weather conditions year-round. The most successful hunter is the hunter who hunts the most. With our spacious insulated hunting blinds and plenty of room to take standing or seated shots, you will want to be out hunting every chance you get.

McWilliams blinds are built tough to handle all kinds of weather. Constructed with solid 2×4 frames and sturdy plywood, they will not collapse in on you or blow around in the wind. For maximum effectiveness, our blinds are available in your choice of two discrete options to blend in with your hunting terrain: Mossy Tree Bark and Camo Wood woodland style. Total concealment in comfort is now a reality!

Mossy Tree Bark Hunting Blind – A Comfort Classic

Our Mossy Tree Bark Hunting Blind is our fully insulated option for the ultimate in comfort no matter the season. This model is built for the committed outdoorsman. It offers complete concealment with its total coverage mossy tree bark design. The foam exterior blocks wind, rain, heat, and cold for the ultimate in year-round hunting comfort. We build this model for you with a solid wood 2×4 frame, sturdy plywood, a 3/4” heavy-duty plywood floor covered with exterior grade carpeting, and two 4’x4′ skids for maximum performance and durability. The spacious interior provides 6’x6′ of hunting space with a 7′ tall ceiling. 20”x30” shoot-through slider windows on all sides help ensure you get your shot with full 360° coverage. The Mossy Tree Bark Hunting Blind is fully assembled and available for immediate delivery and setup at no additional charge for $2,899.

Camo Wood Woodland Style Hunting Blind 2018/2019 Edition – On Sale Now!

McWilliams Buildings & Construction is pleased to offer our limited edition Camo Wood Woodland Style Hunting Blind for the 2018-2019 hunting season! This full coverage model offers a hand-applied camouflage pattern designed to blend in with all West Virginia woodland terrain. The spacious 6’x6′ interior allows ample shooting from rifle or bow, and the 7′ ceiling height ensures your comfort whether sitting or standing for the perfect unobstructed shot every time. 20”x30” shoot-through slider windows on all four sides and a full-sized camo entry door provide ready access from all angles. Constructed with maximum durability in mind, this unit includes a metal roof, solid wood 2×4 frame, plywood interior, 3/4” plywood floor, and two 4’x4′ skids for years of reliable service. The interior is fitted with high-grade exterior carpet for exceptional performance. Hunt in style from the Camo Wood Woodland Style Hunting Blind. Get yours before it’s gone! On sale now for just $2199.00 (includes delivery and setup).

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