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Chicken Coops at McWilliams Buildings

Chickens require security and protection. Keep your flock safe from predators and the harshest weather conditions with a chicken coop from McWilliams Buildings and Construction in Elkins, WV. Our handcrafted wooden chicken coops provide your feathered friends an ample 48 square feet of space to run and roost and a ten-foot run. Your chickens will have plenty of space to chase each other and stretch their wings. McWilliams coops are available uncovered or with covered roofs and floors to allow your chickens the option to roam outside even in the most unpleasant weather. Your chickens will thank you for buying a quality coop from McWilliams Buildings and Construction!

What Size Coop? How Many Chickens Can Live in One Coop?

One of the most common questions our hobby farmers ask is, “What size chicken coop do I need?” All of the standard coops we build are 48 square feet and designed to comfortably accommodate several hens and a rooster; however, we can build a custom coop to meet your needs upon request. Chickens who are given a free run during the day and sleep in the coop at night need at least three to four square feet per chicken. Those that are confined inside the coop and the attached run at all times require at least ten feet per hen. As your flock grows and new chicks are born, McWilliams Buildings and Construction will help ensure that your chicken have enough space to thrive.

Backyard Chicken Coops – Comfortable Quarters for Happy Hens

Be sure to provide your chickens enough room to roam to help ensure that your flock is healthy. Happy hens produce an abundance of eggs to feed your family right from your backyard! Imagine sitting at your kitchen table as the sun rises. As you sip your coffee and look out over your backyard, you see your chickens running around safely in the comfortable quarters of their coop. Call McWilliams Buildings and Construction to order your secure, durable chicken coop today!




Deluxe Chicken Coop –
includes floor and roof in run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run


Covered Chicken Coop –
includes roof over run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run


Standard Chicken Coop –
uncovered run

6 x 8 Housing
with 10′ run



Window (2′ x 3′)


Window (3′ x 3′)


House Style Doors, With Window


Garage Door